Once she thought the hardest thing in the world was killing a venomous snake. Now, Carly Sullivan faces a more monstrous danger, one that imperils not only her life, but also the lives of those she loves most.

When Carly and best friend Zoë arrive on the Greek island of Kalliste, they expect a summer of Aegean sun and snorkeling. Instead, their friendship and even their very lives are soon in grave peril. After Greek friend Vivi disappears, Carly witnesses a bizarre Earth Goddess ritual and quickly concludes that cult members abducted her new friend. Determined to find Vivi, Carly grasps for clues to her location. She consults ancient myths and a frightening oracle. She explores hidden sea caves and climbs ancient mountains, all to no avail. But even if she succeeds, what will happen next? Will her efforts turn the evildoer’s malevolent eye to another victim–and then yet another?

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