“I’ve read this book four times!! Sandra Page weaves a thrilling tale of adventure and danger with exciting details about the Mayan culture. It’s a real page-turner!” -Chase E.

“I love the character Carly—she’s such an authentic kid. Her voice, as well as her growing awareness of the feelings of others, is an amazing creation. The setting, the mystery, and the understanding of an ancient culture are so beautifully presented. It’s a wonderful story most of all. An adventure with memorable characters in an exotic place—I was taken away!” –D. Brown

“This is an electrifying story about peril, fear, a life-and-death struggle with a six-foot long viper, a well trained parrot (one of the heroes), and terrifying villainy. It’s about courage, surprising strength, friendship, loyalty, and inductive reasoning, with a double helping of bravery, and an intense and satisfying finish. An amazing read.”-Richard K.

“Hard to believe this is the author’s first book. She wastes no time drawing the reader right into a very neat story set in the Mayan jungle. Yes, it qualifies as a children’s book. But as a travel writer myself, I appreciated the way she kept the reader moving along both plotwise and geographically, yet educated me along the way. Looking forward to reading the author’s follow-up in the series.” -William B. Walker

“Pyramid of the Lost World does not disappoint! In fact, at the end of each chapter, my kids would plead for me to keep reading. The author did a brilliant job of giving us a front row seat to the action and emotions of Carly & her friends. And, as a parent, I appreciated the attention to detail & the history we learned about the Maya. We eagerly await the publication of the next adventure in this series!! (Hope it comes out soon!)” – Cynthia C.

“What young girl wouldn’t want to be Carly Sullivan – at least until she gets into a misadventure or two? Sandra Page has written a fun, entertaining book for youth, but it was also a fun, quick read for an adult.” -M. J.

“This chapter book had me turning the pages all night! -Brooke, Reading with Red

“When I read Pyramid of the Lost World I knew it would be great from the first paragraph. Page is a detailed storyteller who weaves a good read. You can really feel the oppressing humidity and hear the mosquitoes buzzing around your head. Can’t wait for the next one.” -Carla J. P.